Nancy CRR is an institution depending on Grand Nancy metropolitan area. It is currently directed by Olivier Périn. 

Installed in buildings formerly belonging to the Manufacture des Tabacs, it is a successful model of industrial premise rehabilitation.  

The CRR provides specialised art education in the fields of music, dance and acting.

Our masterclasses take advantage of the entire space offered by the CRR for the classes and students' personal work, as well as concerts and final auditions, at the end of the course.

The Académies are open to all, with no age or level restriction: 


Passionate musicians

Benefit from the advice of the greatest educators to prepare your competitions, to deepen your technique and  interpretation and to broaden your repertoire at the Académies.

Music lover and/or curious  

Visiting student: observe, listen, learn and understand. By applying, you can attend all the public courses and lessons taught by the different teachers, with their agreement. 

Masterclasses allow to offer a differentiated teaching, to be adapted to each and everyone's needs and aspirations. 

Instrument teachers give one-to-one lessons to which group sessions can be added. 

Students have full choice over the work programme to be studied during the course. 

Students can attend all classes, with teachers' agreement. 

Piano accompanists are at non-pianist students' disposal for three 30-minute sessions (all at once or separately), during or outside classes. The additional hour option can, if needed, offer more rehearsal time. 

The course time is divided between individual lessons, personal work, listening to other students' lessons and benefiting from other scheduled options. 

Class schedules are decided by each teacher at the beginning of the session, once the class composition is known. 

The number of class hours depend on numerous factors (number of students, studied work, needs and expectations of each and everyone). Therefore, it is impossible to determine in advance a specific volume of class hours. 

However, we guarantee a minimum of 5 classes during the session (10 days), teachers being free to provide more if they are willing to.

Pianists hosted by the Académies have access to practice rooms at the Conservatoire (open from 8 a.m. to 19.45 p.m.) at least 6 hours a day (2 pianists maximum are assigned per room). 

Other instrumentalist can work ont their accomodation site from 8 a.m. to 19.45 p.m

Non-pianist students or pianists without accomodation who wish to access practice rooms at the Conservatoire can opt for the "practice room with piano" option (120€) or "practice room without piano" option (100€) . A room will be nominatively attributed to them on the same access condition (2 people per room, accessible from 8 a.m. to 19.45 p.m.).

Instrument courses and optional courses take place at the Grand Nancy metropolitain area's Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional  (CRR).

Offering a 10,000 square metre area, the Conservatoire comprises over 100 soundproof rooms and two auditoriums (150 and 300 seats).


It is equiped with 130 pianos, including 60 grand pianos and 10 Steinways.


The premises are secured with individual access badges and supervision by reception agents.

The CRR is accessible every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Active participant


Instrument : 850 € (per discipline)

Piano duo : 950 € (normal) / 1700 € (intensive)

The Flute Spirit : 950 €


Instrument application include :


- Classes with chosen teacher

- Access to practice rooms for pianists with accommodation package (at least 6 hours a day)


- Possibility to attend other classes*


- Tickets for all Nancyphonies festival concerts**

- Piano accompanists for non-pianists***


*with teachers' agreement

**subject to availability

***fixed duration depending on instruments