CRI Montgeron - Conservatoire de Vigneux-sur-Seine - Univ. Paris-Sorbonne

Lyric soprano, Sandrah Silvio obtained a Diploma in lyric singing at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Caracas (Venezuela) and a Higher Diploma in the Art School of the Central University of Venezuela. She has also worked as director and voice teacher of important Venezuelan Choral Institutions, and has therefore participated in numerous International Festivals and Competitions.

In 1991, she obtained a grant from the French Government to carry out an internship at La Chapelle Royale, with Michel Laplénie, Kenneth Weiss, Jacques Bona and Philippe Herreweghe.

In 1997, she obtained a Baroque Singing Diploma from the Department of Ancient Music of the CNR of Paris with Sophie Boulin. She also followed studies in Baroque Vocal Interpretation with Montserrat Figueras, Jordi Savall, Philip Picket, David Roblou, Jill Feldman, Howard Crook and Françoise Semellaz, and studies of medieval music at the Center de Musique Médiévale de Paris with Brigitte Lesne, Marie-Noel Colette, Katarina Livljanic, Catherine Sergent.

Soloist of several early music ensembles in Venezuela (Camerata de Caracas) and in Europe (Grupo Musica, Tonos Humanos, Dialogos, Isabelle d'Este, Elyma, Modus, La Réjouissance), his activity as a soloist includes the Oratorio, Music Chamber and Symphonic and Opera.

Founder and director of the early music ensemble Musica Reserata (Venezuela), she currently teaches at the Academia de Musica Antigua de Caracas (Camerata de Caracas Foundation) and performs internships in Venezuela, France (Théâtre Chaillot, Atelier Musical Européen , International Academy of Music) and abroad (Norway, Japan, French Guiana).


She collaborated in a project on the Art of Italian song (XVIIXVIIIth c.) At the CNRS in Paris. Doctor of musicology, she is also a lecturer at the University of Tours.