To supplement instrument courses, additional options can help make your stay even more comfortable, broaden your musical horizons or develop new skills...

- Chamber music - 90€

- Piano accompaniment - 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- Sight-reading - 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- Piano-Lied - 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- Keyboard harmonisation - 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- Improvisation - 140€ or 395€ (intensive)

- Practice room with piano - 120€

- Chamber music

The course is delivered by different teachers of the Académies'. It is organised by the Académies' team based on levels, ages and wishes expressed by students. The participants will be informed of their groups in June, depending on the applications. They can then contact their partner(s) and define their répertoire together.

- Piano accompaniment

The workshop is conducted by the Académies' teachers for piano students who wish to be introduced to accompanying tools or deepen their knowledge. Sight-reading, reductions (choir, quartet...), transposition, keyboard harmony and accompaniment approach in group work will be covered in order to be able to guide, listen and quickly apprehend a new score. 

- Sight-reading

Workshop conducted by Nicolas Jortie. The workshop covers voice and instrument accompaniment, musical score sight-reading through practice exercises and various simulations. Harmonisation and transposition work can also be studied. 

- Piano-Lied 

This workshop is designed for pianists, singers and piano-voice duos. The course will cover technical performance with constant link to the knowledge and understanding of the text. Students will deepen their rendition, phrasing, diction, musical colours, voici-piano articulation, stage presence...

- Keyboard harmonisation

Workshop conducted by Nicolas Jortie. This module helps to deepen conscious listening through a method mixing introduction to basso continuo, improvisation approach, work on baroque "standards", on transposition, didactic work...

l'écoute intérieure 

- Improvisation 

Workshop conducted by Nicolas Jortie. Divided in small groups based on level, the workshop offers a framework to express a musical and collective language. It is open to all who wish to partake in this equally fun and serious discipline.

- Practice room with piano

The practice room option guarantee the availibity of a practice room with a piano. 

The room is nominatively attributed and can be accessed from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. which allow you to work at least 6 hours a day (each room welcomes 2 students max). 

NB: For pianists with accomodation package, access to practice rooms is already included.