Architectural gem, elected UNESCO World Heritage city, Nancy features a lively ambience and a high quality hospitality. During summer, the city is widely open and mutiple bars and restaurants welcome guests until late in the night. Enjoying a meal or a drink on one of the terraces on Place Stanislas gives long lasting memories to all visitors. 

As soon as weather allows it, terraces in the city center are flooded with guests; places Stanislas & Saint Epvre and surrounding streets attract thousands of visitors every night at 10.30 p.m. with the famous sound and light show "Rendez-vous Place Stanislas".

Students also have free access to all 35 concerts of the Nancyphonies Festival. 


Open City



Nancy, it is 

  • 35 concerts every summer

  • + 150 cafés & bars

  • + 400 restaurants

  • shops for all tastes and every budgets

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