2021 session




State Conservatory Vorarlberg - Feldkirch

"Mathias Johansen impressed with his lush and velvety cello sound in Antonin Dvorak's B Minor Concerto. We will have to remember his name."

Eleonore Büning, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 9.2.2015

2016 he was appointed one of the youngest cello professors of his generation and is since teaching at the State Conservatory of Vorarlberg in Feldkirch. In the same year he won the music award ECHO Klassik.

Mathias Johansen received his first rigorous musical and cellistic training with Ekkehard Hessenbruch. His academic studies began with Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang in 2005, he then switched to Prof. Troels Svane in 2008. He then became a master student with Frans Helmerson at the music conservatory "Hans Eisler" in Berlin in 2011. In 2014, he was admitted to the graduation exam with Prof. Conradin Brotbek at the Music Conservatory Stuttgart. His artistic development has been supplemented by master classes with David Geringas, Wolfgang Boettcher, Jens Peter Maintz, Daniel Müller-Schott, Gustav Rivinius, Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt and Natalia Gutman. As of Summer 2016 he is professor for cello at the Landeskonservatorium Vorarlberg (State Conservatory of Vorarlberg) in Feldkirch, Austria.

He has been heard on numerous broadcastings like BR, SWR and ORF with recordings, interviews and live concerts.

Mathias performed as a soloist with the Lithuanian National Orchestra conducted by Gintaras Rikevicius, in addition to solistic performances with the Berliner Philharmonic. He also collaborated with such masters as Antje Weithaas, David Geringas, and Kalle Randalu for various chamber music projects.

His solo reportoire includes all major cello concertos. Besides playing the entire standard repertoire he is devoted to find new works to extend solo and chamber music repertoire. 

He is also a much-in-demand chamber musician and performs regularly at various festivals, such as the Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival, Podium Festival Esslingen, Podium Festival Iceland, Chamber Music Festival Moteleon, Zeitkunstfestival, the Austrian Styria Chamber Music Festival, and the León Chamber Music Festival in Spain